Natesh's Bliss of Kirtan Music Book

Image of cover of Bliss of Kirtan music bookINTRODUCTION TO THE BOOK

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I'm pleased to make this extensive collection of my chant compositions available as a free downloadable PDF to kirtan lovers around the world, for whatever support it may provide in making the profound spiritual practice that is kirtan more accessible to more people.  There are many chants to Ganesh, to the various forms of Devi, to Rama (and Sita and Hanuman) and Krishna (and Radha), to Shiva and some others.  This kirtan music book presently contains 156 chants I've composed, mostly over the last 11 years.  The total will change as I compose more chants and decide to put them in the book, and occasionally 'retire' a chant.

NOTE:  As many of you know, I recently started producing a video series of all of the chants in the book and posting them to YouTube.  It is more-than-a-bit daunting to get all of these chants into this video form but little by little I'm getting them posted.  All of my YouTube videos can be accessed through this site via the playlists on the Videos page, and the playlists labeled "Chant Compositions" correspond to the sections in this book.

If you'd like to give something in return, you are most welcome to make a donation through Paypal by clicking on the button below.  (This donation button will not step you through the download process.  See more below.)  

There are two different versions of the book, with one for people that read standard Western music notation and one for people who don't.  Both begin with a few introductory pages and then an index to the chants, which is organized in the same categories I use for the Bandcamp albums and the audio players for those albums embedded in the Live Recordings pages of this website.  The most recent updates add 3 new chants to both versions.  Of the 156 chants in these latest versions, 102 of them have links from that index to those recordings on Bandcamp.  (100 of those are live recordings and the other 2 are presently only posted as tracks on my Bliss of Kirtan album.)  The bulk of each version is the actual sheet music for the chants, including lyrics and chords and separate guitar chords using a capo, when appropriate.  The Letter Name version also includes an additional section identifying the note names associated with the keys on a keyboard.

Over time I will eventually post live recordings for the 56 chants that do not presently have live recordings posted.  When that happens I will update this description accordingly and the version date.  The current editions are dated 6/18 and are frankly overdue for an update.


The different versions are identified at the top of both the cover and the title page.  Either or both may be downloaded for free via the respective links below.  As noted above, I've also provided a button so that you can make a donation through Paypal.  The Donate button will not step you through a download process.  That is done by clicking on the desired version link below, which will then open the PDF in your browser for viewing.  Your browser should provide a means to download the PDF.

The standard version has all the music in standard Western music notation, with lyrics and chords (including alternative guitar chords for use with capo).  Here is the link to access the PDF for this version: 


As stated above, the second version of the book is designed for people who can't read standard Western music notation.  It includes letter note names and a method of indicating the duration of each note that is explained in additional instructional material in the introductory material for this version.  It also still has the full Western music notation, chords, etc., of the standard version.  A sample of a chant with this alternative form of notation appears below.  Here is the link to access the PDF for the standard music plus letter names version



If you haven’t done so already, may you soon discover the bliss of kirtan! If you don't have the opportunity to chant on a regular basis in your area, I hope you'll consider creating one. This book can help get you started. Again, at least for now, most of the chants in the book have recordings you can hear on Live Recordings and/or 'Bliss' pages, and eventually all will.

Everyone is welcome to use these chants for live kirtan and you may even record them if you like without compensating me.  However, if you do record any of the chants from this book with the intention that those recordings be heard by others, I do request that you please acknowledge me as the source of the composition.

Happy chanting!

sample chant from letter names version of book