BhaktiFest 2014 pic2This page summarizes the information and resources on this website.  Please note that some of the top navigation links have drop-down menus with addition selections but are also active pages in their own right.  (For instance, to see upcoming events, click on the Calendar link itself, not on the drop-down choices, which are there to provide links to additional info related to the Calendar.)

The 'Bliss' link focuses on my 'stunningly beautiful for the ear and for the soul' Bliss of Kirtan album, with a sub-page that provide more info on the album. (More Track Info)

The Resources page itself really just functions as a landing page with links to important additional resources that are also reached directly through the sub-pages. The Bliss of Kirtan Music Book sub-page introduces you to my book of chant compositions in Western music notation, downloadable for free as a PDF. There is now a second version of the book that has an alternative notation for people that don't read standard Western notation.  The About Kirtan sub-page provides some general information about kirtan as a devotional spiritual practice.

The Bio link is self-explanatory.  The Video link presents embedded playlists of videos from my YouTube channel, appropriately categorized from events, or live kirtan in general, Bliss of Kirtan tracks, and my video series on my chant compositions.

The Store link provides the embedded music player, which can be used to purchase digital downloads of the Bliss of Kirtan and He Mere Mohanji albums or single tracks.

The Contact page provides my email address. I'd love to hear from you about your experiences of the albums or if you'd like to invite me to come do kirtan in your area, etc.

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