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He Mere Mohanji - album mix

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This was my first chant written for Mohanji. Mohanji once asked me who wrote it and I quickly said "I did." A far better answer would have been "You did, of course!" The title means "O My Mohanji" and the rest can be summarized as "All victory to the true guru Brahmarishi Mohanji, who is Parabrahma and Rajayogi and represents the Datta and Nath Traditions." The words are below. Additional track credits: thank you to Eos Yolanda, Lata Ganesh and Monnie Ramsell for the response vocals and to Monnie for the lovely esraj!


He Mere Mohanji, Jaya Jaya Mohanji
Datta Natha Parabrahma Raajayogi Mohanji
Jaya Jaya Sadguru Brahmarishi Mohanji