From the recording He Mere Mohanji

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Guru Mohana - album mix

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The words to this chant were composed by Devadas AC, of Palakkad, Kerala (India). Though he later expanded it to multiple verses, I created this composition at Mohanji's request when only this one verse existed. The words and meaning follow. Additional track credits: thank you to Jelena Fassbender for the lovely vocal and to Steve Gorn for the wonderful bansuri! The words mean: I seek refuge in the Guru's Eyes, I seek refuge in the Guru's Face, I seek refuge in the Guru's Feet, That I may be carried across the ocean of worldly existence.


Guru Mohana Nayanam Sharanam
Guru Mohana Vadanam Sharanam
Guru Mohana Charanam Sharanam
Bhava Sagara Tharanam