From the recording Bliss of Kirtan

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Shivaya Namaha Om Namah Shivaya

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Entire treatises are written about this ancient and powerful mantra and its meaning(s). I've read that it originated from Shri Rudram, which in turn comes from the Yajurveda. I show a very simple meaning following the lyrics. It is known as the Great Redeeming Mantra and also as Panchakshara (the 5-Syllable mantra, which doesn't count the 'Om') amongst devotees of Lord Shiva, and there are also associations between those 5 syllables and the five elements. I invite you to do your own research for more about this mantra.

This is the only track on the album where I sing all of the 'calls' of the call and response format. It has a very trance-like quality as it continually shifts back and forth between 2 different chords and the two lyric variations of the mantra.

I recorded the sound of the thunderstorm that opens the track one night when the noise of the storm was preventing me from doing some other preliminary recording for the album.

Features: Steve Oda - sarod; Monnie Ramsell - esraj, response vocals; Prajna Vieira - response vocals, addl. kartals; Yvette Om - response vocals; Ben Leinbach - response vocals, electric guitar, keyboard bass, drums and hand percussion; Natesh - call and response vocals, guitar, drums and hand percussion.
(from Bliss of Kirtan, released January 2, 2014)


Om Namah Shivaaya Om Namah Shivaaya

Shivaaya Namaha Om Namah Shivaaya

Meaning (simple):

Salutations to Shiva