Ongoing Kirtan in Sedona

(This page gives more details on our ongoing kirtan.  For event dates, see Calendar.)

Natesh and the Kirtan Wallahs led weekly call-and-response kirtan in Sedona for over 10-1/2 years, from early June, 2004, through December, 2014. Since January, 2015, we chant with the Sedona community about once a month. The last couple years we've been having our kirtan programs at the Sedona Hub at Posse Grounds Park in West Sedona.  Those events are posted on the Calendar page of this website and Natesh will also send out an email announcing scheduled events for Sedona, so you may also want to sign up for the email list (contact Natesh to be added) to be kept informed that way.  Or you can also stay connected through Facebook.

Natesh's kirtan is not affiliated with any specific teacher or spiritual path from this tradition. No experience or special vocal talent is necessary. Voluntary donations help with the facility rental.

The chants are easy to learn and repetition is a key aspect of this chanting. The words are provided on printed sheets, which makes it easier to follow along. We do primarily chants composed by Natesh, but also occasionally traditional chants.

We also utilize many other traditional aspects of this form of chanting for our Bliss of Kirtan evenings. The chants are done in a call and response form, and any particular chant will typically last from 15 to 25 minutes, which gives participants an opportunity to go deeply into the chanting experience. The chants usually start slow and the tempo increases over the duration of the chant, often to a very high energy level.

We invite you to come chant with us!  Namaste!