Live Recordings of Natesh's Chants

This 'landing page' for the live recordings gives you an introduction to the recordings and the 'sub-pages' on which the audio players for the recordings reside.

The recordings are mostly from regular kirtans in Sedona, AZ and have been uploaded to Natesh's Bandcamp site. The audio players of the live recordings you see on this website are 'powered' by embeds from Bandcamp. 

Natesh has organized the albums into 5 primary categories of chants:  Ganesha; Devi; Krishna and Rama (and Their Beloveds); Shiva; and Other.  They are further subdivided into albums of 7 to 9 tracks, although with average track length over 18 minutes each album is over 2 hours long, or will be once all the tracks are added.

These 5 categories are consolidated onto the 3 sub-pages as follows:

Ganesha and Devi Chants

Krishna and Rama (and Their Beloveds) Chants

Shiva and 'Other' Chants

When you are on any of these pages, you can click on the download links associated with each player to download an individual track or full album, all by donation, through the Bandcamp site.  Lyrics and other information are also available for each album and track.  In order to access this info for any given player, you can click on the words 'Natesh and Kirtan Wallahs Li...' in purple between the album image and the download link at the top of that player.  Doing so will take you directly to the Bandcamp link for that album where the lyrics and additional info are posted.

The music (and words) for all of these recordings, and additional chants for which I do not yet have live recordings posted, are available at the Bliss of Kirtan Music Book page.

And below is a video of the He Mata Kali chant from our 2011 New Year's Eve event.