Krishna and Rama (and Their Beloveds) Chants

This page has several players for live recordings of chants that Natesh has composed for Krishna and Rama and their Beloveds (Radha with Krishna, and Sita and Hanuman with Rama).  The recordings are from Natesh and the Kirtan Wallahs regular kirtan events in Sedona, AZ.  The players are 'powered' by Bandcamp and you can click on the download links associated with each player to download an individual track or full album, all by donation, through the Bandcamp site.  This is an ongoing project of Natesh's to organize and post recordings of the roughly 150 chants he has composed and still chants with the Kirtan Wallahs.

Lyrics and other information are available for each album and track.  In order to access this info for any given player, you can click on the words 'Natesh and Kirtan Wallahs Li...' in purple between the album image and the download link at the top of that player.  Doing so will take you directly to the Bandcamp link for that album where the lyrics and additional info are posted.

More general information about the live recordings is available at the Live Recordings 'landing page'.

Krishna and Rama Chants 1


Krishna and Rama Chants 2


Krishna and Rama Chants 3


Krishna and Rama Chants 4


Krishna and Rama Chants 5