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This album is first and foremost a kirtan album, with the intention to inspire people to chant along with the call and response format and to invoke ecstatic, even transcendent, states of bliss in the listener, through chanting along or even simply through listening.

I’ve intentionally kept the tempos much mellower than I typically do in a live kirtan so that the music can also serve as a backdrop for yoga, meditation and general daily activity.

The album is produced by kirtan producer extraordinaire, Ben Leinbach, and features a very talented group of supporting vocalists and musicians (see credits below), and I'm extremely grateful to all of the all of them for their superb contributions that make the album so beautiful.

Here are some early comments on the album:

"a lovely and profound offering"

"stunningly beautiful for the ear and for the soul"

"full of heart" "chock full of gorgeousness"

"a realm of enchanted Bliss"

"a joy to listen to and sing along with"

"resonates with depth, devotion and a lush organic sound"

"blissful, beautiful and a balm for the heart"

"filled with deep bhav" "truly blissful"

"a quantam gateway to a state one normally only reaches through deep meditation"

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Below are general album credits and mockups of the album artwork, which contain some introductory material, more specific track credits, lyrics, and an acknowledgment section. Following the artwork are a couple inspirational videos I've done using tracks from the album!  You can also see more detail on each track at the More Track Info page.  I've also provided some interesting background on the different tracks and the process of creating the album on the Background on the Tracks page.





These credits are general for the entire album.  For specific track credits you can view the album artwork below or see them on the More Track Info page.

Ben Leinbach:
Producer; bass guitar, hand drums and percussion, keyboard, electric guitar, response vocals

Benj Clarke: Fretless bass and acoustic upright bass

Daniel Paul: Tabla

Eddie Young: Cello

Gina Sala: Call, response and additional vocals

Joni Allen: Call and response vocals

Madan Oak: Santoor

Monnie Ramsell: Esraj and response vocals

Prajna Vieira: Call and response vocals; kartals

Steve Gorn: Bansuri

Steve Oda: Sarod

Yvette Om: Call and response vocals

Natesh: Call and response vocals, guitars, drums and hand percussion


Additional Album Artwork


Below are mockups of the back cover and two inside panels from the album artwork.  They contain the vocal and instrumental credits and lyrics for each track as well as some introductory material and an acknowledgment section.



Natesh Images


Natesh has led kirtan at Bhakti Fest, Shakti Fest and numerous other festivals. In 2017-18 he was chosen to lead daily morning "deep-immersion" Om Namah Shivaya chants at Bhakti Fest and Devi/Ma chants at Shakti Fest.


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