54 Quotes on Chanting


This page presents an extensive collection of 54 inspirational quotes from enlightened beings and spiritual teachers (and one from the Rig Veda) on the importance, potency and benefits of chanting in its many forms. I first curated this batch of quotes last year and posted them one per day on the Natesh Kirtan Facebook page for 54 straight days. I  found them to be extraordinarily inspirational, especially taken in combination.  I redid the images in blue for this website.

The 'slideshow' above will take you through the entire collection, at a slow enough pace that you can read them without being rushed, and contemplate what you've just read until the next one appears.  Or if you can read the smaller print on the images below, you can read through them that way. In both cases, the order is the same as how I originally posted them daily on Facebook.

May they inspire you to chant more and with more devotion and enthusiasm. More bliss anyone?


Chanting Quote 1Chanting Quote 2Chanting Quote 3Chanting Quote 4Chanting Quote 5Chanting Quote 6Chanting Quote 7Chanting Quote 8Chanting Quote 9Chanting Quote 10Chanting Quote 11Chanting Quote 12Chanting Quote 13Chanting Quote 14Chanting Quote 15Chanting Quote 16Chanting Quote 17Chanting Quote 18Chanting Quote 19Chanting Quote 20Chanting Quote 21Chanting Quote 22Chanting Quote 23Chanting Quote 24Chanting Quote 25Chanting Quote 26Chanting Quote 27Chanting Quote 28Chanting Quote 29Chanting Quote 30Chanting Quote 31Chanting Quote 32Chanting Quote 33Chanting Quote 34Chanting Quote 35Chanting Quote 36Chanting Quote 37Chanting Quote 38Chanting Quote 39Chanting Quote 40Chanting Quote 41Chanting Quote 42Chanting Quote 43Chanting Quote 44Chanting Quote 45Chanting Quote 46Chanting Quote 47Chanting Quote 48Chanting Quote 49Chanting Quote 50Chanting Quote 51Chanting Quote 52Chanting Quote 53Chanting Quote 54


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